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Dopp Kit
Best Men’s Shops Los Angeles

The style scene for modern men in the City of Angels is setting the bar as the coolest in the nation. Many of the brick & mortars are founded by passionate, courageous people that are keeping […]

Upgrade Your Dopp Kit

We’ve tested the market to bring you our top picks to make your travel grooming routine comfortable and easy while keeping you sharp and fresh. From a clutch solid cologne gadget, to the shave tonic that […]


With the holidays in full effect many are headed homebound for a well deserved break before the new year begins. We’ve styled up our key winter essentials to help anyone steal the show when headed back […]

Wardrobe / Holiday Travel

Up your your airport look and scrape the sky in style, we’ve got you covered with our key choices to keep you comfortable and sharp during the hustle and bustle of holiday travel.

3 Winter Whiskey Cocktails

When the weather gets cold and the frost starts to bite, whiskey in its many forms can help warm the soul. – And what a better way to end a day’s hustle than a home crafted […]

CYTIES Top 5 Unrivaled White Tees

White tee shirts are about as classic as it gets. There is something about the classic simplicity, the the texture, the look. The biggest statement in the room is made not by the man with loudest […]

Drink like a Pro this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here, and with a short work week it’s sure to be a mad dash while last minute plans are thrown together. There is one thing we know for certain on this thankful holiday, the […]

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