Elm Coffee Roasters

When we walked into Elm Coffee Roasters, we were struck by a few lyrics: “Be a simple kind of man / Be something you love and understand.” Lynyrd Skynyrd’s 1973 classic, “Simple Man,” speaks volumes to […]

Hotel Max

Seattle, widely known for its legendary music past and present, now matches that reputation with some of the most sought-after eats and drinks in the nation. Seattle is also notorious for the rainy weather that keeps […]

La Marzocco / KEXP

Bold coffee and innovative music. Not particularly in that order either — they could just as easily be described as bold music and innovative coffee. Either way, the two go hand in hand when it comes to […]

Damn The Weather

When the weather is damning, we seek shelter. If you’re a lucky soul, then you’ll stumble upon a dwelling that makes waiting out the elements seem far too easy. The kind of Seattle shelter where whiskey […]

Thompson Hotel

Sanctuary is key in Seattle, because unless it’s the crisp clear summer months, you need to be prepared for a daily mist — it’s how the landscape stays so vibrant and wild. With a city that […]


A cannon is a well-known weapon of masterful impact and a key tool in revolutions throughout history. In this case, the weapon is symbolic of the artillery this bar has chosen to defend what is the […]

barCocktail BarSeattle

Freeman started with a dedicated task: making the absolute perfect raincoat by sourcing the materials native to Seattle. Holding onto the passion behind this idea has kept the team strong through any storms they faced while […]

Porchlight Coffee & Records

When one thinks of Seattle, two things come to mind: abundant coffee and kick ass music. Up on Capitol Hill, Porchlight Coffee & Records serves up an orchestrated dose of both. At Porchlight, the espresso machine itself is […]

Ebbets Field Flannels

America’s favorite pastime is full of nostalgic reminders of how historic the game is. The sound of a fastball hitting a mitt, the taste of salted peanut shells, and the crack of a bat matching the […]

E. Smith Mercantile

In the late 1800s, when Seattle was prospering from the lumber industry, you’d ride your trusty horse into town and head to a one-stop shop for enough goods to last you through the week — and enough […]

barCocktail BarSeattle
Filson Seattle

We have a common saying at CYTIES: “In Filson We Trust.” The brand was started in Seattle by outfitting prospectors headed outdoors for the gold rush. Now, over 100 years later, it has become the trademark […]

Percy’s & Co.

Dust off a historic memoir of Seattle and you will find that in the early days of the West, the town of Ballard, now one of Seattle’s most historic neighborhoods, had more bars than any other […]

Métier Racing & Coffee

Métier lives by this slogan: Godspeed the rider. We’re all riders through life; it’s the limitless path in front of us that we cycle towards, learning and cultivating our craft each day. Métier has created much more […]

Westland Distillery

Though it isn’t necessarily a bar, Westland Distillery is a must-visit destination when in SODO district of Rain City. Washington state tops the list of new craft distilleries, so it’s natural to take some shelter from the misty […]

MiiR Flagship

It feels good to give back, and at the MiiR flagship, you can give back while indulging in a space built for Coffee, Beer and Gear. How? 5% of their revenue annually is given to different […]

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