New York in the 80’s writhed and thrived with an undercurrent of change. The Big Apple inspired artists like Basquiat, The Ramones, and De Niro, while the streets gathered together to give rise to early hip hop stars, DJs, and graffiti artists. But New York City evolved, and with it, that gritty feeling of hustling for your dream through sweat and tears, dissipated with new development and the Internet. Hotelier Sean McPherson wanted to revive New York City of the 1980’s and the rush and thrill that coursed through the veins of the city, and he did that in the best way he knew possible, with The Ludlow Hotel.

Among the chic scene of Lower Manhattan sits The Ludlow Hotel, a boutique property made of brick and mortar on the outside and a compilation of décor on the inside that’s best described as upscale grit. It’s for men who appreciate the art of detail, without feeling the need to wear a suit in their own hotel.

There’s a chill feel to the lobby with its brick walls and exposed ceiling beams. Soft leather chairs next to a fireplace and the garden courtyard call to CYTIES travelers looking for spots to relax with a cocktail in hand from the lobby bar at any time of day. It offers plenty of space to people watch, as The Ludlow is known to attract celebrities and New York’s elite to Dirty French, their on-site bistro with a 1980’s flair and a timeless French cuisine. You never know who you might run into here.

Like the public spaces, there’s something inherently cool about the rooms. While some are smaller in size than others, with a loft-like layout and large windows, you get the sense that you’re relaxing in your own hip apartment looking out on New York City, a view that breathes possibility and encouragement deep within you.

Wooden floors, print curtains and chairs, and Moroccan-style beds are typical among the studios and suites. Those who book rooms with terraces can enjoy a coffee or drink from the minibar while listening to the symphony that is Manhattan. A rainfall shower head is the perfect place to rinse off after a 30-minute HIIT in the hotel’s gym.

Ludlow Hotel provides a place to stay in New York City that awakens something within you – a drive to be, a drive to create, a drive to do – just as men did in the underground, art, and music scene of NYC in the 1980’s. Book now, the past is calling.

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